It’s been postulated on many occasions that one of the great tragedies of modern society is the existence of overly burdensome economic barriers. While there is certainly no denying the simple fact that these barriers exist and limit access to education and entrepreneurship, perhaps it is better to think of these barriers as an opportunity rather than a tragedy.

Substantial personal growth occurs whenever we successfully overcome the challenges we face each and every day, including both the minor difficulties we experience on a day-to-day basis and the more substantial struggles we endure over a longer period of time. If we think of our personal or professional goals as a destination, the sense of reward we experience when we finally reach the destination will depend on the challenges we faced and were able to overcome during the course of our journey.

The idea of welcoming challenges and viewing obstacles as opportunities has been espoused time and again by some of history’s greatest thinkers and renowned leaders, including, for example, Winston Churchill and Albert Camus, both of whom referenced the Greek myth of Sisyphus — who had been condemned to eternally push a giant boulder up a mountain only to watch it roll down to the bottom as soon as he neared the summit — to illustrate this concept. In his famous essay titled the “The Myth of Sisyphus,” Camus concludes by explaining, “The struggle itself . . . is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy”.

Of course, the nature of the struggle Sisyphus endures is far different than any struggles we might encounter as we work toward the achievement of our personal and professional goals. Yet for those of us who have encountered financial obstacles at some point along the way, it is easy to relate to the plight of Sisyphus, at least in part. Overcoming these obstacles, as Churchill and Camus both pointed out many years ago, can fill us with an uncommon sense of joy while also fostering the kind of personal and professional growth that is so necessary for ensuring future success.

At Capital Alliance, we understand the economic hurdles so many aspiring entrepreneurs and students encounter as they pursue their individual ambitions. While we certainly hope that these aspiring entrepreneurs and academics come to view these hurdles as an opportunity for personal or professional growth, we also recognize that we possess the ability to offer a helping hand in any number of ways. In keeping with the values outlined through our TIERS system (Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, Results, and Self-Improvement), we will remain fully committed to partnering with entrepreneurs through our funding programs and supporting aspiring college students through the Capital Alliance Academic Scholarship Program.